Flowforming with internal splines

Internal splining

We produce components with internal splines using toothed mandrels. The inner contour of your workpiece is shaped by the flowforming mandrel.

1. Made to measure:

The flowforming mandrel is produced based on the desired dimensions of the internal splines (such as involute splines).

2. Setting the process in motion:

A flat (flowformed, turned, drawn or forged) circular blank or preform is pressed tight against the flowforming mandrel mounted on the main spindle and clamped by a pressure plate. The main spindle and circular blank begin to rotate.

3. Molding:

The flowforming rollers are now applied to the circumference of the preform under pressure. The combination of pressure and friction causes axial flow of the material. The axial motion of the flowforming rollers reduces the wall thickness of the blank (S0) to a definable final wall thickness (S1) — thus also increasing the initial length of the blank (L0) to the final length (L1). The inner contour of the workpiece is precision-molded by the flowforming mandrel.