Tougher lighter more compact
Chipless forming

Chipless, ready-to-install, in all batch sizes — and always the exact shape you require. We’re the experts to take you to the next level.

Cold forming

The benefits for you

Do you need ready-to-install rotationally symmetrical components? We provide a production method that opens up new possibilities for almost any material. Imagine if your components were more compact, lighter, stronger, and more economical.

Our spirit

“How we work”

What defines us


WMT Family Day 2022

Great fun besides the daily work! So it was again: Gates open for all employees and their families and friends.

Cold forming of components with external splines

Cold forming? GROB forming? Punching, trimming and coining? Winkelmann MSR Technology GmbH uses all these processes …

What is flowforming?

Flowforming? GROB forming? What is that anyway and what are the advantages …

The company

Winkelmann Flowforming

We are a proud, professional and innovative member of the Winkelmann Group, a global family-owned company founded back in 1898. We have been involved in chipless forming of metal parts since the 1970s — always pushing the boundaries to shape the technology and the future. A team of 115 experts in flowforming technology, we all share the same passion and conviction — and look forward to working with you on your challenging project.

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Our team for your project

Robert Temmann

Your expert for aerospace & industrial applications

Michael McGowin

Your local expert for aerospace & industrial applications in North America

Henrik Wünsch

Your expert for aerospace & industrial applications

Sven Bümmerstede

Your expert for driveline components

Johannes Hengemann

Your expert for driveline components

Feridun Karatas

Your local expert for machining in Turkey