Defense & security

Taking strength to new heights

High strength components with thin walls? No problem! That is why we cold work tempered, high-strength steels. For extremely safe rocket engines, lightweight components, launch tubes, payload skins, and hollow charge configurations. Rollers for tracked vehicles also benefit from our flowforming process.


Whether starting with a circular blank or forged part, when we flowform rocket motor housings made of high-strength tempered steels such as SAE 4130 or curable alloys such as maraging steels, aluminum and stainless steels (15 – 5 PH, 17 – 4 PH), we cut the amount of material used by 60 to 80 percent.

Flowforming of cylinder tubes


In great shape: We produce high-precision conical hollow bodies seamlessly by using shear forming. Curved cones (ogives) can be combined with regular cones and cylinders — delivering custom geometry from a single sheet.

Shear forming


The flowforming process permits shaping of internal longitudinal or helical (rifling) ridges or grooves.

Flowforming of cylinder tubes


We flowform high-strength highly wear-resistant steel rollers from sheet metal up to 20 mm in thickness. Following flowforming, the rollers are tempered to achieve maximum strength at low weight. And this makes tracked vehicles extremely resistant to wear.

Metal spinning