Aerospace engineering

Ready for takeoff

Aeronautical high flyers. We use flowforming to produce drive shafts for aircraft engines and helicopters. And maximum-precision pressure accumulators and hydraulic cylinders for landing gear.


Because they are long and must be rotationally symmetrical, tail rotor drive shafts are predestined for flowforming. Made of titanium, stainless steel or aluminum and up to 4 meters in length, the shafts have wall thicknesses of 1 – 3 mm and must meet stringent specifications with regard to straightness and concentricity.

Flowforming of cylinder tubes


Cylinder tubes and pistons with an integrated piston rod for landing gear cylinders and actuators for doors or other applications are made using stainless steel, such as 15 – 5 PH. The cold forming process reduces material loss by more than 60 % compared to conventional mechanical machining.

Flowforming of cylinder tubes