Driving down the weight of powertrains

Compact design and low weight for state-of-the-art automotive engineering: Like our flowformed clutch housings, subassemblies, rotor carriers and ring gears, developed by us for the automotive industry and produced ready-to-install. Whether with internal and/or external gearing, our forming processes are suitable for low-carbon, low-alloy and stainless steels.


We use the “GROB” forming process to form cylindrical hollow bodies with internal and external splines — for example for ready-to-install “GROB” formed internal disc carriers or components that allow both splines to be used simultaneously.

GROB forming


Optimal power transmission, for example in planetary gearboxes: Whether a batch size of one or ten thousand, our flowforming process is precisely adapted to the tooth geometry of the hollow gear.

Flowforming with internal splines


We create subassemblies to order — with metal-cutting/machining, laser welding and (laser) hardening, building subassemblies with disc or rotor carriers, and welded shafts and gear wheels.



Delivering the power! Our hollow shafts perform a wide range of functions in drivetrains. They are used as drive shafts for four-wheel drive vehicles, as carrier elements in hybrid and electric drives, as well as in commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery.

Flowforming with internal splines